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Curt Miles

Trek Leader

Curt is an avid outdoor adventurer and guide with a lifetime of mountaineering, back-country and international experience.  He is a licensed paramedic having worked on an ambulance and in the back-country.  He is a Wilderness First Aid instructor with the American Red Cross and ECSI.  Curt is also a PADI scuba instructor.


Curt has led countless trips with adults and youth into the back-country from the Sierras, to the Andes and Himalayas, Curt has climbed some of the most epic peaks and trails.   He enjoys rock climbing, canoeing and backpacking.   He has a passion for the outdoors and loves to pass his knowledge and love of nature to others.  Curt ensures that safety always comes first.  He is always looking for new adventures to share with his friends - both new and old.

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Howard Schwartz

Founder / Trek Leader

A Trained and certified, avid outdoors person.

Howard has over 30 years of wilderness experience.  Leading hundreds of youth and adults into adventures, via land and water,

throughout North America.

Howard's love for nature has earned him recognition, including the prestigious Environmental Advocate Award from the City of Calabasas. He has earned a Medal of Merit Award from Boy Scouts of America for his heroic actions in the saving of a life of another in the wilderness.

Howard has a passion for connecting with people and nature.  It is HUMAN NATURE for Humans to be in Nature.

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