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HOWTrek Hikes

HOWTrek Hikes

HOWTrek offers team building and group hiking experiences, with their renowned Gratitude Hike as a highlight. Their hikes provide a unique blend of adventure, personal growth, and community bonding. HOWTrek understands the power of nature in fostering teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. Through challenging trails and breathtaking landscapes, participants engage in activities that promote collaboration, trust, and problem-solving. The Gratitude Hike, in particular, encourages participants to express appreciation for themselves, their team, and the environment, cultivating a sense of gratitude and unity. HOWTrek hikes create lasting memories while fostering a strong team dynamic, making them an ideal choice for organizations seeking to enhance teamwork and camaraderie.

HOWTrek - Team Building Hikes
Take a HOWTrek Day Hike
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Youth/Teen Groups
  • Women's/Men's Groups
  • Private Groups
  • Religious Organizations

HOWtrek create the perfect hike into the local Santa Monica Mountains and beyond, from 1 hr to all day.

TESTIMONIAL - Howard was the perfect nature guide for our recent executive retreat. He was knowlegable of local history, observant of pace and group goals and gave us an unforgettable, unique experience of the California coast. - Anita

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