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Mt Whitney Summit

Service Description

MOUNT WHITNEY Climb the highest peak in 48 contiguous states! This is a once in a lifetime experience - each year only a very limited number of people are chosen in a national lottery for Whitney permits. Howtrek has 8 limited spaces. Mount Whitney is one of the most epic peaks in the US. Not only does it rank as the highest outside of Alaska but the beauty and grandeur of Whitney makes it one of the most revered and popular climbing peaks in the USA. Truly a bucket list item for nearly every hiker. Our trip begins on August 16. We drive up to Lone Pine, CA. We will make a base camp with vehicles at the campground at the trailhead. Spending the night at this higher elevation allows our bodies to start the acclimation process for the increased altitude and lower oxygen levels we will experience throughout the trek. A wonderful comradery dinner and campfire and final equipment check and shakedown will prepare and motivate us for the next day’s journey. Shortly before sunrise, your guides will prepare a hot and hearty breakfast. Upon first light, we hit the trail with our loaded packs. The trailhead begins at an elevation of 8600 feet. We will pass through heavily forested terrain and scenic streams. The area is a favorite haven for the California bear and other wildlife and sightings can be common. The trail can be steep and tiring with packs but the beauty is unparalleled. Our goal is to reach Trail Camp - 6 miles from the start at an altitude of 12000 feet. Near the end of our hike the trees disappear and the awe-inspiring rocky terrain takes over. At Trail Camp, we set up our remote campsite. You will learn a multitude of backcountry survival techniques - from water purification to food preparation and element protection. Curt and Howard are some of the most experienced backcountry teachers around - having successfully taught hundreds of adults and kids how to climb and backpack the Sierras. We retire at sundown to our tents for a few hours of sleep. At 1AM, we rise. Your guides will have prepared an energizing trail breakfast. Under headlamps, we secure our campsite and begin the final ascent in the darkness of the night. Years of experience and over 10 guided Whitney trips has shown the extreme importance of an early departure time. Mount Whitney is infamous for afternoon thunderstorms. Our guides constantly evaluate the weather conditions for safety. CONTACT US TO SIGN UP - DON'T MISS OUT - SPACE IS LIMITED

  • 750 US dollars

Contact Details

  • Calabasas, CA, USA

    + 818-929-2146

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