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Sespe Hot Springs - Backpack

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The Sespe Wilderness area in Los Padres National Forest is a truly wild place that will leave you contemplating how it is possible that you're only 60 minutes or so from the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles. A backpacking adventure here is an amazing experience featuring beautiful trails, exquisite vistas, excellent hot-springs for relaxing, and plenty of wildlife-viewing opportunities. The Sespe Creek Trail is a roughly 18-mile route that follows the creek as it weaves through the canyon, creating a number of swimming holes and passing plenty of pleasant groves that are perfect for back-country camping. What Makes It Great Our 18-mile hike to Sespe Hot Springs starts at the Piedra Blanca Trailhead. We will climb over smooth river stones, traverse past a plethora of cool-water swimming holes (sometimes filled with steelhead trout), and hike under shapely sandstone cliffs. Our first day will take us 8.5 miles ending near 108°F Willett Hot Springs. The hot pools will be great by relaxing moonlight as we enjoy a great gourmet back-country meal and camaraderie. On Saturday, we will wake up and begin a day hike to Sespe Hot Springs. These springs are one of the last truly remote and isolated springs around. By the time we reach Sespe's pools we'll be ready for another relaxing soak. Incredibly, these waters top out at 190°F: It takes buckets of fresh cold runoff to cool them, but once they're bearable you can float until you prune, watching resident bighorn sheep that often graze nearby. We then head back to our camp at Willett Hot Springs to enjoy our last night in the Sespe Wilderness. Sunday morning we backpack 8.5 miles back to the trailhead. A great weekend seeing two of the most epic hot springs in California. Wildlife is abundant here: mountain lions and black bear have been seen roaming these hills, and bighorn sheep and condors are also in the area. All in all, the Sepse Creek Trail is a wonderful destination for California backpacking. CONTACT US TO SIGN UP - DON'T MISS OUT - SPACE IS LIMITED - 818-929-2146

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