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HOWTrek - Safety is our 1st Priority


At Howtrek, we take our COVID guidelines and precautions very seriously. We adhere to all the recommendations of the CDC and state of California and go beyond what are the standard requirements. Here is a breakdown of the protocols we have instituted to protect our clients and employees:

- Social distancing of at least 6 feet is expected at all times.

- Each participant will bring 2 masks on the treks.

- Masks will be worn whenever close contact is required.

- Howtrek will bring enough sanitizer to frequently sterilize hands before and after contact.

- There will be only one Howtrek cook assigned to prepare back country meals to limit possible


- Each participant will wash and sanitize their individual mess kits.

- Tents will be spaced with social distancing in mind.

- Participants and employees will not be allowed on any trek if they exhibit any signs or

symptoms before.

- There will be no sharing of mess kits, water bottles, or other personal items.
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